This page provides information about the multidisciplinary, undergraduate Social Media Academic Research Team (SMART), which is housed in the BYU IPT department.


The BYU IPT Social Media Academic Research Team (SMART) is a team of multidiscilinary undergraduate students who use data mining and other techniques to analyze social media data from prominent websites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).

Some areas of interest for the team include the following:

The research team is led by Dr. Royce Kimmons.


A list of current and former research team members is provided below.

NameMajor / InterestYear(s)
Madison AustinPre-Communications2016
Marie GregsonPre-Communications2016
Evan JonesComputer Engineering2016
Kristin McGuireFamily and Consumer Sciences2016
McKell StaufferMathematics2016

Member Resources

This section provides links to private resources that are only available to the research team.

  • Google Drive - This folder houses our research documents.
  • Slack - This team communication tool is used for tracking progress and having team conversations.


If you would like more information about the team or our work, please contact Dr. Royce Kimmons.


These datasets are provided openly under a CC BY license.

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