Community Health

Health statistics for a small community


This data set includes community health information including visits to doctors' offices.

Sample Data

Sample Output
45femalegroup D1917512
39femalegroup E2056114
33femalegroup E115619
26femalegroup C160607
27femalegroup B229588
62malegroup C2267313
51femalegroup C1976910
65femalegroup D1565113
64femalegroup A2425920
42femalegroup E161568

Example Research Questions

  1. Which factors influence the number of visits to doctors' offices?

What patterns and interactions in the data can you find? Let me know in the comments section below.


Download a Small Sample - Download a .csv file with 10 results as a sample set (n=10) Download a Medium Sample - Download a .csv file with 100 results as a sample set (n=100) Download a Large Sample - Download a .csv file with 1000 results as a sample set (n=1000)
All data sets are generated on-the-fly. So, you can increase your n by downloading a data set multiple times and combining the files.


All data sets are fictional and should be used for educational purposes only.

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