Exam Scores

Exam scores for students at a public school


This data set includes scores from three exams and a variety of personal, social, and economic factors that have interaction effects upon them.

Sample Data

Sample Output
genderrace/ethnicityparental level of educationlunchtest preparation coursemath scorereading scorewriting score
femalegroup Dassociate's degreestandardcompleted626468
femalegroup Esome high schoolfree/reducedcompleted535559
malegroup Bbachelor's degreestandardcompleted788080
malegroup Bsome high schoolfree/reducedcompleted525344
malegroup Dhigh schoolstandardnone443331
femalegroup Csome high schoolstandardcompleted717885
femalegroup Emaster's degreefree/reducednone575457
femalegroup Dmaster's degreestandardcompleted94100100
femalegroup Asome collegefree/reducednone666969
malegroup Dsome collegestandardnone484947

Example Research Questions

  1. How effective is the test preparation course?
  2. Which major factors contribute to test outcomes?
  3. What would be the best way to improve student scores on each test?

What patterns and interactions in the data can you find? Let me know in the comments section below.


Download a Small Sample - Download a .csv file with 10 results as a sample set (n=10) Download a Medium Sample - Download a .csv file with 100 results as a sample set (n=100) Download a Large Sample - Download a .csv file with 1000 results as a sample set (n=1000)
All data sets are generated on-the-fly. So, you can increase your n by downloading a data set multiple times and combining the files.


All data sets are fictional and should be used for educational purposes only.

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