Business Sales

Salesperson performance reports for an electronics company


This data set includes sales figures for employees along with a few factors that may influence sales.

Sample Data

Sample Output
divisionlevel of educationtraining levelwork experiencesalarysales
office suppliesassociate's degree1998032398080
computer softwaresome college3179016277542
office suppliesassociate's degree212136711623783
office supplieshigh school36100578435777
computer softwaresome college211135465543375
peripheralsassociate's degree2064593183100
computer hardwaresome college1788426317646
office suppliesassociate's degree28101281442200
computer hardwaresome college3277066275267
printerssome college38112141514284

Example Research Questions

  1. How effective is salary as a motivator?
  2. Which major factors contribute to sales?
  3. What would be the best way to improve sales?

What patterns and interactions in the data can you find? Let me know in the comments section below.


Download a Small Sample - Download a .csv file with 10 results as a sample set (n=10) Download a Medium Sample - Download a .csv file with 100 results as a sample set (n=100) Download a Large Sample - Download a .csv file with 1000 results as a sample set (n=1000)
All data sets are generated on-the-fly. So, you can increase your n by downloading a data set multiple times and combining the files.


All data sets are fictional and should be used for educational purposes only.

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